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political science majors unite!

Political Science Majors Unite!
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we are a community of democrats and republicans, liberals and conservatives from around the world, we are all poli sci majors that have either graduated or are getting a degree in politics - be it government, political science or international relations. We are political hopefuls, future lawyers, and the future of politics as we see it. We have opinions on abortion rights, the middle east conflict, taxes and affirmative action. We go to school in Europe, Asia and the Americas and then some, we are political science majors.

We can discuss in here:
*current events politically related
WHATEVER YOU FEEL LIKE as long as it has something to do with political science!

Rules of the community:
-no flame wars. Please realize that there are people of other ideas here no degradation of ideas or saying anyone is wrong. You may not agree but who cares! No need to get all pissy about it. I will not put up with that and you will be banned faster than you can say "no war on iraq"
-no double posting. no one likes to read the same post a million times.
-no off topic posts. Anythign that is not related to political science: whether it be asking for advice on a paper you're writing, ranting about a professor, or just saying something about something you saw on CNN...please don't ask for codes. go to codesharing for that dudes. We're pretty open here but lay off the bullshit. Our tolerance is low.
-above all of these be respectful. if you have any problems with anyone in the community please do not hesitate to email me at senator_hydie@livejournal.com also if you have any suggestions for the community do not hesitate to voice them! Email or im me. you can look at my userinfo for that information.

Overall have fun! Meet people like you that care about our nation so much we want to major in politics to change the world!

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