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Masters in PoliSci- what's next?

Hi all,
I just joined the  group and wanted to ask you a question. I have a masters degree in polisci (my BA was in the same field as well) and i have no idea where to look for a job. It seems like everywhere i looked they did not have anything appropriate. Well, first of all, I transferred from the university in Kazakhstan to complete my BA in the US. When i entered this field I always thought I would go into diplomatic, foreign service in my country. Well, after I came to the US I decided to get my masters degree as well. Well I also met my husband here, and I got married 2 yrs ago. He got his MBA from the same university I went to get my Masters. Anyways, I love Polisci. My concentration is comparative politics and international relations. I am having hard time finding a job. First of all, I am not a citizen, so it makes it hell of a lot harder to qualify for most government jobs. Second of all, I just dont know what to look for. I currently live in Houston, TX...and there is not much going on as far as foreign relations..So What am I to do? I am starting to regret my choice for graduate degree :(

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