Eric (penlessej) wrote in polisci101,

Public Administration Paper

I am a second year political science student at the University of Windsor in Windsor, Ontario.

I am taking a second course titled Introduction to (Canadian) Public Administration. I love the content and always feel confident about the work that I have been doing through-out the course of the semester. However, thus far my grades do not reflect my eagerness or interest. I am sitting a high C+.

We have a major paper due and the topic that I have chosen is evaluating the role of the Auditor General of Canada.

I plan on explaining the duties and powers of the office as prescribed in the Auditor General Act, presenting the strengths (through an international audit that was conducted a short time ago) and the weaknesses (media reports and a memoir from a former Auditor General) of the office. I want to close by pulling on a contemporary example of how the office works (I have chosen the Passport Canada issue that arose a few months back).

I should have a rough draft of the paper complete by tomorrow afternoon. Is there anyone familiar with this subject or topic that would do a huge favor for me by reviewing the draft and making any suggestions?

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