xbornofhatredx (xbornofhatredx) wrote in polisci101,

I'm currently a senior in high school that's debating on whether to go to Fordham or American next fall.  I know American has amazing political science and International Relations programs, but I haven't heard much about Fordham.  Does anyone know anything about their Poli Sci department (I'm going there tomorrow for an open house, but of course they're just going to play themselves up, so I sort of want to get some different/non-biased views on them)?  Purely based on their Poli Sci departments, I'd definitely go to American, but Fordham is much closer to home (I live 60 miles outside of NYC, in Connecticut) and plus, it's in NYC, which is a huge plus.

And does anyone know the political leanings of the faculty at American, especially their International Relations professors?  I know the student body is pretty liberal (so am I), but I haven't really heard if their professors are also left-leaning or not.  I definitely don't want a homogenous faculty, nor do I want a large amount of radicals (to either the right or the left), although I'd generally prefer having more liberal professors than conservative ones.

Thanks in advance.
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