M K (mszimbolist) wrote in polisci101,

Masters Programs in DC

So, while I do have an interest in International Security, I've realized that I have an enduring fascination with achieving that through soft power, international economics, and studying democracy building. My original thought, before actually looking at any programs, was to go for some kind of Middle East Policy degree.. but here are the programs I've been looking at for my Master's and am very interested in thus far:

Institute for World Politics: Statecraft and World Politics, specialization in Democracy Building
American University: International Economic Relations**
American University: International Political Economy
Georgetown University: Security Studies

** This I had not thought of until today. I am currently taking a 500 level course on the Economics of European Integration, and working on a lot of Budget issues in the European Parliament... I have already taken Macro and Micro a long time ago, although I didn't do very well because I wasn't very focused. I am a bit obsessed with strategic formations of trade unions similar to (but not as political as) the European Union throughout the rest of the world, resulting in the paralysis of military activity within those zones (see the Schuman Doctrine). I could specialize in the trade-offs between Political and Economic gains in policymaking, but I am still afraid that this degree might either put me on a path toward a more economic career or make me ineligible for hire in the State Department and other Foreign Policy fields entirely. Getting the degree in International Political Economy would be slightly more kosher and historical, and less technically economic, but it also might make me.. well, not as special. Also, of course, with my interests being primarily Turkey and Iran, I'm not sure how important it is that my degree name reflect that, as long as my thesis does.

What are your thoughts on these programs? Are there any others you know about in DC that I should be considering (ruling out GW as far too expensive, of course)?
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