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I've finally found this community after searching for a while for a community that's dedicated specifically to political science majors. For the time being, I have decided on a political science major (although I haven't declared it yet).

However, I am undecided on which minor to pursue. I know that I want to obtain at least one minor, if not two (the second being in theatre, simply because that is a passion of mine!). Currently the ones I am deciding between are Spanish and sociology, although I'm sure there are other minors I might enjoy that could be useful in getting a job after I graduate.

I am most interested in the sociology minor. What I'm concerned about are any future benefits of being fluent, or at least relatively competent, in the Spanish language, since Hispanics are such a large minority in the U.S. At the moment I'm taking sophomore-level Spanish as a freshman because 10 credits in a foreign language are required for a B.A. at my university. I don't enjoy the class, and it's doubtful that I would enjoy any Spanish classes in the future, but I'm very worried about losing my ability to speak Spanish (at least at a basic level - I'm not proficient in it now) because I'm afraid I might regret it later when I search for a job.

Sociology interests me as a minor because the social sciences intrigue me, and I love learning about why certain aspects of society are the way they are.

Does anyone have advice on which minor might prove to be more be more useful after I graduate (I do plan to get a master's degree as well)? Or any advice on other minors that could be useful?

Lastly, I'd like to ask what are the best ways to improve my knowledge of politics, outside of political science classes. I only became interested in them my senior year of high school, so I have little understanding of some issues that I would love to be able to debate.

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