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I'm doing a research essay for my American Politics paper and for my topic I've decided on a contrast and comparison between Republicans and Democrats. A little bit from my proposal:

Research objectives:
To understand the origins and growth of the differences that divide Republicans and Democrats in American politics;
To identify and compare the similarities between Republicans and Democrats;
To analyze the effect of the Republican-Democrat divide in American history;
To predict the evolvement of the Republican-Democrat divide in the future.

Research questions:
How differently are Republicans and Democrats categorized by stereotypes and how accurate are such categorizations?
How did the distinction between Republicans and Democrats originate?
What effect has the course of history had on the differences and similarities between Republicans and Democrats? (Have they emerged, evolved and/or disappeared over time? Have similarities come to outweigh the differences?)
How have selected past presidents (Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon) performed in accordance to his Republican or Democratic affiliation?

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone could direct me to some useful resources. And more importantly I was after some general opinions on the topic?
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